Assel Baibek

Assel Baibek
University of Edinburgh
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Started PhD
Oct 2017
PhD Title
PhD AWARDED: The development of fluorescent probes for microorganism detection
Project Summary

Design, synthesis, characterisation and evaluation of fluorescent probes that target bacteria and fungi

Key Activities

Developed peptide-based fluorogenic probes for microorganism labelling, amphotericin B based probes targeting fungi and a range of mycobacteria targeting probes.

Synthesised long lifetime fluorophore and conjugated to bacteria targeting molecules.

Published a paper on fluorogenic peptide-based probes for microorganism detection.

Published a paper on fungal probes, where using a red-emitting fungal probe allowed multiplexed imaging of fungi-bacteria or fungi-bacteria mixed culture and distinguishing between species.

How Proteus is Helping Me Grow and Develop as a Researcher

Proteus is a great example of interdisciplinary research and its application. A friendly relationship within the team allows the exchange of knowledge and skills between people of different backgrounds. Biologists taught me how to work with cells, obtain images and analyse them; physicists and engineers advised me a lot in photophysical processes, and overall you see how your work can be applied for the benefit of humanity.