Caitlin Tye

Heriot-Watt University
E-Mail Address
Started PhD
Oct 2021
PhD Title
Biophotonics for healthcare with fibre optics and single photon detection
Project Summary

This project aims to advance emerging optical technologies, including single photon detection systems and fibre optics, for improved healthcare technology. Fibre optics provide an optical window to the internal organs. Light interaction at the individual photon level with internal tissues can reveal the presence or progress of disease.

Key Activities

Using time-resolved single photon detection for fibre optic distributed temperature sensing.



Poster: Tye, C., Ehrlich, K., Green, A., & Tanner, M. G. (2022). Time-resolved fibre optic distributed temperature sensing with CMOS SPAD arrays. Poster session presented at Photon 2022.

How Proteus is Helping Me Grow and Develop as a Researcher

Proteus is helping me grow as a researcher as I am able to learn about topics in the different disciplines that proteus combines together.