Charlotte Hopkinson

Charlotte Hopkinson
University of Edinburgh
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Started PhD
Sep 2020
PhD Title
A combined fluorescence lifetime and time of flight imaging system
Project Summary

The focus of my PhD will be on creating a combined fluorescence lifetime and time of flight imaging system that is suited for medical applications. One possible use that has been identified for this system is for guidance during endoscopy, to help identify cancerous tissues and provide useful information about tissue structure.

Key Activities

Learning how to use different sensors developed within the IMNS group (MegaFrame, Endocam and QuantiCam)

Developing a methodology to perform combined time of flight and fluorescence lifetime imaging

Conducting time of flight and lifetime imaging experiments on a range of samples, including fluorescence 3D printed samples and biological samples

Currently preparing to present results at SPIE Photonics West 2023 

How Proteus is Helping Me Grow and Develop as a Researcher

I wanted to do a ‘hands-on’ PhD where I would work on developing medical devices with clinical and commercial applications,. I’m particularly interested in medical imaging, and this is something I’ve been able to do through Proteus. I work in an interdisciplinary lab where I get to learn a lot from the people around me, whether it’s learning about the best optical set up for me to use, or how to find the right biological samples for my experimentsProteus has introduced me to academics, researchers and clinicians outside of Edinburgh University who have been a great help to my PhD research so far.