Leah Ní Mhurchú

Leah Murphy
University of Bath
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Started PhD
Sep 2019
PhD Title
Optical fibres for therapeutics
Project Summary

Fabricating specialised hollow core optical fibres to guide powerful light in a safe manner. Integrating fibres into endoscopic devices to ablate tissue. Looking at specific applications for cancer in the lungs and broader applications in delicate parts of the body where using mechanical tools is difficult

Key Activities

Theoretically simulating different hollow core fibre microstructures.

Experimenting with simulations of different types of hollow core fibre to help develop fibres which guide light as well as possible.

Making a hollow core fibre for ablation

Testing the ablation fibre and integrating it into a device which can actually be used

How Proteus is Helping Me Grow and Develop as a Researcher

What I find very special and unique about what we are doing in Proteus is the interaction of all the different types of research. We get to work with people from subject areas totally different to our own. For example I got to work with a biologist who was preparing cells for me and learn about her work. I also get to speak with clinicians. Proteus has given me the opportunity to see so many different perspectives on the same problem. This widens my own perspective and makes me a better overall researcher, and it gives me a better understanding of some of the problems that I encounter.