Yuguo Ding

Yuguo Ding
University of Edinburgh
E-Mail Address
Started PhD
Jan 2020
PhD Title
Using donor-acceptor Stenhouse adducts to build visible-light-responsive polymer conjugates
Project Summary

Focussing on developing visible-light-responsive polymers to improve clinical microendoscopy for in vivo applications such as imaging, detecting or drug delivery

Key Activities

Started by finding suitable donor-acceptor Stenhouse adducts.

Making, characterising and analysing different in vivo compounds for polymerisation and applications.

Making monomers and different kinds of polymers for the compound and using high throughput chemistry to test them.

How Proteus is Helping Me Grow and Develop as a Researcher

I’m learning a lot from the people that I work with. I get ideas from them about different directions I can explore. I’ve developed new skills in organic chemistry experiments by working with other people in the group. I’ve also learned to use new analysis instruments. I would like to look at further applications for my final compound and work with other people to test the compound in different ways, especially using microendoscopy.