Circuits! Finishes Rwanda Schools Tour

After 3 weeks of carrying out workshops in schools alongside colleagues from the University of Rwanda (UR), the University of Glasgow’s FemEng team have completed their tour of Rwanda.

As part of the FemEng team’s STEM engagement package taken to schools throughout Rwanda, an early prototype of our RAEng Ingenious-funded project Circuits! was showcased and used by hundreds of school pupils over the past month.

On Friday 21st July, the team attended a celebratory reception for the project at UR, where they were able to share their achievements with other invited attendees. A club, named FutureYou, has been set up by Rwandan colleagues to carry on the project with UR. This club will focus mainly on careers guidance in STEM and Architecture-related subjects.

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Children learn about the science being done in Proteus and are introduced to biomedical engineering through the Circuits! workshop in Rwanda.

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