Members of the Proteus team showed their support for a Twitter campaign that endeavoured to show Scottish students that there is no “wrong” path to take on the road to a great career.

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Tuesday 8th August marked the day that S6 students acquired the results for their Scottish Highers exams. In relation to this, a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #NoWrongPath was set up by DYW Glasgow (Developing the Young Workforce) – a national strategy from the Scottish Government for strengthening links between businesses and education, with the aim of reducing youth unemployment by 40% by 2021.

#NoWrongPath asked people to take a photo of themselves holding a handwritten sign showing where they were when they left school, and what they’re up to now. The idea behind the campaign was to highlight to recent school leavers that there is no need to worry if they didn’t get the grades they wanted or needed, as it is still possible to end up having an interesting and satisfying working life – perhaps an even better one than first envisaged! Indeed, it would seem that most people don’t end up in the job they thought they would when they were teenagers.

There is no “right” path to take towards a specific career, as nowadays formal qualifications, on-the-job apprenticeships and a plethora of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities means that the workforce is more accessible than ever, and are just the start of an amazing life journey…

For more information about the #NoWrongPath campaign and to learn more about DYW, visit: