Postdoctoral Researcher Awarded Innovation Fellowship

Postdoctoral Researcher Dr James (Jim) Stone has been awarded a prestigious EPSRC-UKRI Innovation Fellowship that will allow him to continue his work with Proteus. 

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Based at the Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials at the University of Bath (part of the Department of Physics), Jim received the formal award of the EPSRC–UKRI Innovation Fellowship on 11 June 2018, with an official start date of 25 June 2018.

“Still working closely with Proteus, I’ll be developing new fibres and endoscopic devices to diagnose and treat lung cancers,” he explains. “This fellowship will allow me to establish a major clinical fibre optics research group at the University of Bath.”

EPSRC describe the Innovation Fellowships as a way to nurture future leaders in both industry and the research base, and promote greater mobility between them and ensure that a variety of UK industrial sectors have a supply of skilled researchers.

The cohort of Fellows will develop their leadership experience, entrepreneurial and enterprise skills in a crucial phase of their careers as they establish themselves and develop beyond post-doctoral and early career work.

Awardees of the Innovation Fellowships are expected to have planned collaboration with industry during the Fellowship, or to develop routes to Intellectual Property capture and/or commercialisation, i.e. spin-out or start-up opportunities.

We wish Jim the best of luck over the coming years.