Prof Kev Dhaliwal’s Inaugural Lecture: “Seeing and Sensing the Inner Cosmos”


We are in the midst of a new technological revolution. The speed of change is staggering – imagination is driving previously unthinkable innovations.

There is now an unprecedented opportunity to focus these technological advances in order to understand, diagnose and treat human disease.

Professor Kev Dhaliwal will describe the development of next-generation technologies using the power of light to visualise, sense and treat disease. Initially focussed on lung conditions, this novel approach can readily be applied to many human illnesses

Clinical translation of these new technologies requires a dedicated team approach from many scientific disciplines, bonded by a spirit of collaboration and creativity. By harnessing this interdisciplinary ethos, we can create new ways to diagnose and treat disease.

This lecture will be followed by a reception in the Anatomical Museum.

This public-friendly lecture is free and open to all.