Proteus to Attend WMIC 2016

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Proteus researchers will give oral and poster presentations at the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) 2016.

The World Molecular Imaging Congress is organised by the World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS) and is led by senior academic and industry professionals who have widely recognised expertise in molecular imaging.

Proteus scientists are delighted that they have been selected to travel to New York, USA next week to share their science at such a prestigious meeting. They look forward to hearing from researchers across the world about what is new and relevant in the field of molecular imaging.

The following presentations will take place:

Ahsan Akram

Type of presentation: Oral

Title: An optical molecular imaging strategy utilising fluorescently labelled anti-microbial peptides for the in situ detection of bacteria in the human lung.

When: 8th September 1.45pm

Emma Scholefield

Type of presentation: Poster

Title:  Rapid clinical–grade optical imaging agent development- A Quality System approach in an academic environment

When: 9th September 4-5pm

Alicia Megia Fernandez

Type of presentation: Poster

Title: Fluorogenic dual-probes for the simultaneous detection of proteases with biomedical importance at two wavelengths.

When: 9th September 4-5pm

Beth Mills

Type of presentation: Oral

Title: Optical detection of matrix metalloproteinases in pulmonary fibrosis using optical endomicroscopy in the distal lung.

When: 8th September 12pm

Tom Craven

Type of presentation: Poster

Title: In vitro, ex vivo and in vivo imaging of neutrophil activation in the alveolar space using pulmonary optical endomicroscopy and a bespoke molecular imaging probe

When: 9th September 4-5pm


You can find out more about WMIC here.