Proteus Attends AMR Workshop in India

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Dr Bethany Mills, a Postdoctoral Fellow with Proteus, will travel to India to attend a 4 day workshop in Chandigarh, India, on tackling the emergence of antimicrobial resistance.

This workshop seeks to identify specific challenges of addressing AMR within India, increase awareness and facilitate research networks.

She will present her work around the use of Smartprobes, and will discuss with fellow participants the potential to identify Gram and AMR status in real-time and the possibility to inform subsequent treatment strategies, promoting appropriate antimicrobial use.

The workshop will also explore the various molecular mechanisms that lead to the emergence of AMR, methods for drug design against resistant strains as well as formulating policy recommendations for addressing AMR as a broader, socioeconomic and public health issue by engaging relevant stakeholders and domain experts.

Find out more about the workshop’s aims and participants here.