Proteus Co-Investigator Nominated for Teaching “Oscar”

Dr Paul Dalgarno, a Co-Investigator for Proteus, has been nominated for an award for this year’s Learning and Teaching Oscars at Heriot-Watt University.

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Last year’s winners of the Learning and Teaching Oscars

Held every year by the Heriot-Watts Student Association, the Learning and Teaching Oscars aim to recognise staff who make an impact on their class. The nominations, votes and overall winners are all provided by the students themselves, making it an extra special achievement.

Dr Dalgerno has been shortlisted for the Switched On Award for Most Engaging Lecturer. This is described on the award webpage as being for a staff member who is deemed to be “exciting, enthusiastic & dynamic”, and who “makes the difficult easy”, alongside having an ability to adapt material to cater for the students’ needs.

Dr Dalgarno primarily teaches Y1 and Y2 undergraduate students. For Y1, he teaches the joint EPS first year (physics, engineering and chemistry students), covering Fields, Forces and Matter across the two semesters. For Y2, he teaches physics students Matlab and programming.

“I enjoy teaching, a lot, and consider it a privilege and a joy to stand up and share my knowledge and enthusiasm for the subjects,” Dr Dalgarno told Proteus upon his nomination. “It’s a great honour to be nominated, and be considered alongside what I know to be some of the truly great lecturers of this university. I look forward to the ceremony.”

The winners of the Learning and Teaching Oscars will be announced at an awards ceremony held on 3rd May 2017. All of the Proteus team have their fingers crossed!

To view the other awards and see who has been nominated, you can visit the webpage at:

*** UPDATE ***

Dr Dalgarno won the award! Huge congratulations to him from all of the Proteus team!