Proteus Exhibit “Go for Launch” at Glasgow Science Centre

On Monday 18th September 2017, Proteus will be officially launching a brand new, semi-permanent interactive exhibit within Glasgow Science Centre after a year-long collaboration.

After a huge collaborative effort between Proteus PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers and the Glasgow Science Centre creative team, Proteus and Glasgow Science Centre have co-produced an Interactive Research Pod as part of the Centre’s Bodyworks space. The Proteus Pod is an exciting new addition to the Centre and showcases the key features of Proteus technology in a creative and engaging way, allowing the user to explore our revolutionary healthcare technology and learn more about the research team that have developed it.

The exhibit design is similar to “Kev” who has been used in previous Public Engagement events. By combining the scientific knowledge of Proteus’ scientists and the University of Edinburgh MSc Science Communication students with the vision and design skills of the Centre team, we have developed a more sophisticated model where the public will be able to control a digital bronchoscope in order to find and diagnose infection in the lungs within a fun game environment.

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The initial design sketch for the new Proteus interactive exhibit, to be opened to the public on semi-permanent basis from Monday.

To officially mark the opening of the Pod, friends and family of the Proteus team have been invited to attend the Centre during the day, along with the wider public, to try it out for the very first time. After the Centre closes, invited guests will be attending an evening event where they will hear how the Research Pod was created, and enjoy getting hands-on with the exhibit themselves. During the course of the night, they will also hear how Proteus research will evolve in the next 5 years and how our Public Engagement work has played a key role in sharing our science and international impact in healthcare widely.

We are very excited to finally see the launch of this exhibit after a year of hard work and dedication from everyone involved, and hope that you will enjoy visiting the Proteus Pod next time you visit Glasgow Science Centre!