Proteus to Take Part in Edinburgh International Science Festival

Proteus and Critical Care will be demonstrating some amazing science at a drop-in event at the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

The Science Festival will be exploring science and technology and engineering in order to build  “Better Worlds”. It will run from 26th March – 10th April 2016 and will transform the halls, galleries, theaters and gardens of Edinburgh into launchpads to these “Better Worlds”.

The Science Festival provides exciting, engaging and educational activities the whole family can enjoy: from unique immersive workshops to sensational shows from the world’s best science performers.

Using interactive activities Proteus and Critical Care team members will demonstrate how we will “Light up the Lung to Detect Disease”, and use research within the Intensive Care Unit to “Personalise Care and Ensure Better Outcomes”

Please join us at the National Museum of Scotland  on Tuesday 5-9 April 2016.