YouTube Channel Launched

We have launched a brand new, dedicated YouTube channel for Proteus!

ESPRC Proteus IRC – YouTube Channel

We will be posting all sorts of exciting videos in 2018 – behind-the-scenes glimpses of our public engagement events, “A day in the life of…” our scientists, bite-sized summaries of the project’s progress… and more!

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To get you started, we have uploaded videos from our very exciting exhibition launch event at Glasgow Science Centre back in September (see the news story “Proteus Exhibit Officially Launched at Glasgow Science Centre“). You can listen to the welcome notes given by Proteus Director, Prof Mark Bradley, and Head of Medical School for the University of Edinburgh, Prof Moira Whyte. We have also included videos of our very special Q&A panel segment, where they tackled questions such as the role of social media in public engagement, how it is decided when clinical trials move onto the next stage… and what one would have Barack Obama tweet on their behalf if they were stuck in a lift together!

We have also included  a short film that we made in collaboration with two other EPSRC-funded healthcare technology research groups, SPHERE and i-Sense. Here, we chatted to our scientists and found out what working as part of an interdisciplinary team means to them and the work they do. There are two shorter videos of the Proteus researchers who were interviewed, where they give their full response.

We hope you enjoy “meeting” us on our new channel!